aaron inker is a director, videographer, video editor and technician, working with a wide range of video productions, from self-promoted videoclips to national television. He is also an educator in visual culture, contemporary arts, new media, and social media.

Sergio Sorrentino "string lights" - videoclip
Alessandro Deledda "ginevra" - videoclip

Alessandro Deledda "il giocoliere" - videoclip
Sergio Sorrentino "electric prelude" - videoclip

Luca Sigurtà "hold back the dawn" - videoclip
Luca Sigurtà & Sergio Sorrentino "gone tomorrow" - videoclip

Luminance Ratio "honey ant dreaming" - videoclip
"a glitch in my head" - short movie

Fermat's last theorem "neurosis" - videoclip
Fermat's last theorem "ocd" - videoclip

Luca Sigurtà "moth" - videoclip
Luca Sigurtà "popskill" - videoclip

Uselessness "nero" - short movie
Uselessness "rosso" - short movie

Il mio nome non ha importanza "profezia" - videoclip

Il mio nome non ha importanza "una pietra sopra una pietra" - movie/documentary
Antenna trash "pyramids" - videoclip

All about Kane "old photographs" - videoclip

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