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in collaboration with Brian Hartley

Untitled is the outcome of the experience of Paesaggio Art Landscape, a residence that takes place on the shores of Lake Viverone (Biella, Italy). Focusing on the relationship between artistic production and the territory where the intervention takes place, it stimulates participants to reflect on the interaction between man and nature, on the relationships of existence that are established between a territory and those who animate it, proposing artistic practice as a tool of investigation and creative restitution of this bond.

Untitled, developed in close collaboration between the two artists, proposes a subtle but recognizable intervention within the rural landscape, where it tries to undermine or perhaps re-balance the dualism between free, wild and “anthropized”, controlled by the human intervention nature. Working on the border between the rows of vines and kiwis that characterize the area and the non-cultivated areas, the work proposes a reinterpretation of the human intervention that modifies the landscape, in search of the underlying bond that unites the peasants to the land. In the geometric panorama of cultivations, the inclusion of some discarded elements -poles and vineyard sticks discarded and repositioned by the artists- tries to establish new connections between the earth, the horizon and the spectator, building a sort of graphic line that breaks the rhythm of the cultivated landscape and creates a seam, a thread that ties the earth up to transforming the rows into a performative space. A free area where the performer’s action, which ritualizes peasant work, invites the public to actively participate in the re-reading and recreation of the landscape, moving its elements, rediscovering that primitive bond with the land that the contemporary age seems to be able to break.

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