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Unheimliche: outlandish, disturbing, attraction of the unfamiliar

Unheimliche is a philosophical reflection upon contemporary society.
By its nature, art takes on the role of a mirror of contemporaneity, thus becoming a sort of tool to help the understanding of reality. What emerges from the video is an extemporaneous analysis of the present, dominated by the failure of the extractive capitalist model and an attempt to generate thought for a hypothesis of overcoming. There are two fundamental concepts in this research: unheimliche and magnitude, the former understood as an attraction for the unfamiliar, perturbation, while the latter as an idea of effective impact, useful and bearer of meanings somehow capable of “acting”, transforming . In the video, the images, the audio and the text spoken by the voice off-screen, cooperate in order to provide different levels of reading. Added to the idea of synthesis of colors, the protagonist of the video, the text declares that reality derives from the perspective on reality and that therefore, in order to overcome a crisis, it is essential to learn to see the things that surround us, analyze their context and exploit the latent potential at our disposal.

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