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Bear x Fondazione Pistoletto

Some pictures of the outdoor activities I held as a visiting tutor for BEAR -ArtEz University students in their residency period at Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto.

The subject of the workshop was the river as a common, as a material and as an entity. 

In particular the process was held around the topic “Decolonising the gaze to re-enchant reality”: a path from situationist’s derive, trough magic, wander to wonder, storytelling and iperstition.

Getting lost in a place to suspend ourconstruction of reality, find new perspectives and implement devices or narratives to care about the otherness.  

Cervo project room Exhibition
The Cervo project room presents a series of researches carried out over the last year by the artists Annalisa Zegna and aaron inker on the Cervo torrent as a central element of the Biella territory, through a reflection on ecology, environment and the relationship between human and non-human.
It comprises two parts, an archive and installation space.

The  exhibition took place in Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto from 30th October to 31st December.

The first part represents an archive in the making and the initial phase of the Osservatorio sul Torrente project, an interdisciplinary research platform that focuses on the river as a common and a central element in the social, political, cultural and economic development of the Biella area. The Observatory aims to collect and promote interdisciplinary research and in-depth studies that question the relationship between the inhabitants and the river, stimulate new participatory experiences that highlight the less considered or forgotten aspects of the territory, with the aim of triggering the creation of other imaginaries and build a new collective narrative of the relationship with the river.

The installation space includes Luria and Unæntrhopic devices works that reflect on the human-otherness relation, works that try to suspend reality and reconsider it, works that try to convey the sense of vertigo of being in front of concepts and matters (even materials) that transcend the human scale, that are perhaps imaginable, but not fully understandable, that can provide a new dimension, perspective or horizon to our being human in a context so complex, chaotic and constantly changing.

Fluviale recap & mailing list
cheFare released on their website an essay on what happened this summer at Profondo workshop, including a mailing list to keep up to date with the next step of the program.

Vj fall
A couple of pics from Vj set for Brich and Modvlar Parties

Summer recap pt.5
Jazz:Re:Found is a second family, a wonderful festival, and a great place to work. This year I was also invited to a roundtable discussion about the future development of the area in which it takes place.

Summer recap pt.4

Representing Hydro I went to Mandatoriccio, on the Ionian coast of Calabria where the Castello dell'Arso stands. I was invited there by Fiuminarso to attend to Contropendenze Festival and particularly to participate in a round table with various associations and cultural centers to talk about co-design, cultural activity and development of peripheral territories.

Summer recap pt.3
For the second year in a row I participated in UFOria, a visual and performing art residency held between Mastronauta cultural center in Omegna and Fluviale Festival in Biella. The purpose of the residency is to (re)discover the spaces of everyday life, reconnecting the less known or forgotten specificities of a territory with the people who inhabit it.
At the heart of the  2021 residency lies the exchange between the collectives Migma and Parini Secondo. The work has been developed from the use of sampling, a practice shared by both collectives, as a tool for research and creation.

Summer recap pt.2
I spent a week in Ancona with Scuola Open Source for their workshop XYZ Orbite. The goal was to co-design a network of regenerated spaces for cultural purposes. Here you can find the story of the project, the recap of the week and the final outputs. And also some photos/videos that tell the mood of the experience.

Summer recap pt.1

Together with Hydro, we organised a workshop to explore the relationship between the citizens of Biella and the Cervo river, which flows through it. We asked cheFare -a cultural association from Milan- to help us, and so Profondo was born, a workshop to try to reflect on the meaning of some words related to ecology and climate change. Together with Federico Nejrotti we took the participants to put their feet into the water and reflect on their relationship with the environment, nature and “the otherness”.

The day before, in order to prepare ourselves better, we hosted the presentation of two books: "La rivolta del verde" by Lucilla Barchetta, and the italian translation of "The Mushroom at the End of the World" by Anna Tsing, with a commentary by Dario Bassani.

Back to VJ!
(19/06 - 09/07/21)

I made a couple of vj set this summer for Club Nation’s Nuove Forme Events. I played some event specific visuals in the Giardini della Triennale - Milano for Vladimir Ivkovic and John Talabot.

Visual Music
A special concert held at the Borgogna Museum of Vercelli for an experiment in synaesthesia by an unprecedented trio: me, taking care of the visual side, Luca Sigurtà, electronic composer and Sergio Sorrentino, guitarist. A good way to be back on stage!

A couple of talks
Re:earth + Kabul
Together with Annalisa Zegna, we had a couple of days of talks and presentations about our work and our research process on creative ecology approach and more generally about the human vs otherness ralation.

So we had a presentation on “art as a field research on a territory” and a studio visit for the partecipant of Re:earth, a residential week for musician and visual artist with the aim “to translate the sounds of nature in a musical code capable of making the listeners participate, through an experiential journey within a musical world created by the artists themselves. The project starts from the need to involve the artistic musical world with the concept of common good of the natural world. From here starts the idea of "giving voice" to the Earth taking into account the changes that are taking place“.

Then we organized a talk with Kabul Magazine:
Redesigning the male: the ecoqueer challenge to the manthropocene. Starting from “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction” by Ursula Le Guin (1986), a story in which the author questions the dominant narrative that would see the weapon as the most important artifact produced by humans and crucial to their evolution. In its place, importance is given instead to the carrier bag, the container, an instrument that, literally, contains, preserves, takes care. The relationship between the two symbols thus allows us to reflect on the foundations that have determined the era of the Anthropocene, in this meeting investigated from the point of view of the responsibility of the male subject, summarized in the term "Malehood".
“What do we mean by a re-discussion of hegemonic masculinity? How are "models of masculinity" constructed? How can this re-discussion help in the environmental crisis we are experiencing? What does ecofeminism mean? And, finally, how do male-centric imaginaries act within the world of gaming?”

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