Summer recap pt.1

Together with Hydro, we organised a workshop to explore the relationship between the citizens of Biella and the Cervo river, which flows through it. We asked cheFare -a cultural association from Milan- to help us, and so Profondo was born, a workshop to try to reflect on the meaning of some words related to ecology and climate change. Together with Federico Nejrotti we took the participants to put their feet into the water and reflect on their relationship with the environment, nature and “the otherness”.
The day before, in order to prepare ourselves better, we hosted the presentation of two books: "La rivolta del verde" by Lucilla Barchetta, and the italian translation of "The Mushroom at the End of the World" by Anna Tsing, with a commentary by Dario Bassani.

*Output of the workshop will be released soon.

Below, a couple of picture of the workshop days from the Hydro FB page.

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