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anatomy of darkness is a work that reflects on the body and the traces it leaves in the individuals with whom it comes into contact. More than physical matter it is often imagination and then the memory that characterizes contact. The ephemeral, the loss of focus, the displacement of the plane of reality, are then the most interesting and lasting traces of a body. The bonds that it generates, the forms that virally produce, live in another space, dark, on the border between perceived, remembered and imagined. The video is technically a projection on an ephemeral surface. The dancer’s original shot is projected onto a smokescreen and again shot through a close-up on the surface of the smoke lit by the projector. The detachment between the original shot and the final video, the loss of shape and detail due to the precariousness of the support - which depends on, and ischanged by, the environmental conditions - reflects the immateriality of the changing relational space generated by the contact of the bodies.

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